Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Implication’s of Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is one of the most common types of industrial disease, obtained in the workplace. It can result in the complete loss of hearing, which of course, is extremely debilitating and difficult to come to terms with. There aren’t many early signs of industrial deafness and symptoms may only occur years after the sufferer has been exposed. Tinnitus is a less harmful version of industrial deafness, but can still cause serious implications. Any compensation a person suffering from the two illnesses can receive should contact a no win no fee solicitor to help them make a claim.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common illnesses associated with tinnitus and industrial deafness. Tinnitus that has been caused by working in a loud environment can very rarely be treated. There are methods of controlling the problem, however there is no cure. Just like industrial deafness there is no way to undo the problem so it is important if you have any symptoms or signs of your hearing deteriorating you must visit your GP.

There are certain ways to help a sufferer deal with tinnitus or the early signs of industrial deafness. One of the main types of rehabilitation is sound therapy for tinnitus. It involves filling any silence with neutral and repetitive sounds to act as a distraction. Sound generators are useful when the sufferer is going to sleep to distract them from the buzzing in the ear. Any compensation from a personal injury claim can help with treatments and if you weren’t at fault you should be entitled to it. 

As industrial deafness cannot be treated there are steps that should be taken to prevent it. Your employer should be responsible for your health and safety at work and they should take precautions to ensure you are working in a safe environment. Using earplugs or ear defenders can work as extra protection for your hearing, making the chances of you suffering from industrial deafness as minimal as possible.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a loud ringing in the ears or head and can range in severity. Some sufferers only hear the noise in one ear, some both. The noise has nothing to do with any outside sources and comes completely from within the body. There isn’t one sound that all sufferers can hear. Some describe it as loud ringing in the ears, buzzing, humming, whistling or music. The sound is most noticeable in quiet environments when there is no background noise to act as a distraction.

There are different types of tinnitus, including temporary tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus. Temporary tinnitus can be caused by a cold due to blocked sinuses. Pulsatile Tinnitus is when the noise they hear beats in time with their pulse. However, tinnitus is usually a lasting illness and is common with those who have been exposed to prolonged exposure to a loud noise. This is usually those who have worked with loud machinery for a number of years.

There is no cure for tinnitus meaning the sufferer has to have daily treatment to minimise the symptoms. This can cause the person to suffer from side effects due to the affect it has on their daily life. They may not be able to work due to the affect it has on concentration levels. People suffering from tinnitus have been noted to suffer from sleeping problems and eventually depression, causing problems and strain on personal relationships.

There have been treatments to try and help people cope with tinnitus, such as relaxation and sound therapy. If you believe you suffer from tinnitus and is due to industrial disease, you may be able to make a personal injury claim. Contact a no win no fee solicitors to see if you are able to claim. The compensation you get from making a claim will help to pay for these types of rehabilitation to make the illness easier to live with. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Injuries in Organised Sport

Organised sport brings with it any number of risks. With physical exertion comes the possibility of injury and bodily damage. No matter how experienced the player or the opposition, a tiny fraction of indecision or haste could lead to significant damage and injury. Contact sports such as football, rugby and hockey are most at risk due to their physical nature.

Whilst many people may see injuries as part of the game and the risk as part of the fun, the repercussions of dangerous play could be numerous and devastating. If a player has caused an opposition injury through dangerous play then they may be liable for an Accident Injury Claim. If a player has been injured by an opposition playing in a dangerous or reckless manner then they may be entitled to make a claim with Accident Claims Solicitors.

Professional players rely on their physical fitness for their livelihood. If they are injured so severely that they cannot play for a significant period or even for good; then their earning potential and private life may be ruined. An injury could significantly impact the earning potential of an individual. If this is the case then the affected party may be entitled to make an Accident Injury Claim. When professional footballer Dean Ashton was injured whilst on England International duty his career was effectively ended. The Football Association compensated Ashton to make up for loss of earnings.

It is not only opposition players that can injure a professional or amateur sports player significantly. Poor playing surfaces and equipment can lead to serious injuries. If an person injures themselves on a surface that is not fit to play on then the authority responsible for the surface is liable for the injuries. Any equipment such as boats, pole vaults and protective wear all needs to be of sufficient standard and meet safety requirements. The authority responsible for this equipment may be liable for an Accident Injury Claim should an injury occur as a result of negligence on their part. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Don’t Let an Injury ruin your Holidays

Everybody seems to be gearing up for the holiday period. Decorations are out, presents are being bought and many people are allowing themselves the freedom of indulgences. With the influx of loved ones, friends and family alike, coming to visit; the holidays are a time of merriment. Unfortunately this merriment can often be cut short by an unfortunate accident as the weather conditions continue to worsen.

If you or somebody you love is injured in an accident that was not your fault during the holiday period, it does not necessarily have to ruin all of your plans. By claiming with an Accident Claims Company, you may be entitled to receive significant monetary compensation. This monetary compensation could make up for the opportunities lost in the wake of the injury.

These injuries potentially can be caused by a wide range of different accidents that are offset by the decline in weather conditions. Slippery paths and walkways can make slips and trips more common, increasing the risk of injury. Likewise a Car Accident Injury Claim could be made if the adverse conditions led to an accident on the road.

If you were planning on treating the younger members of your family to a fun day of sledging down a hill side; this dream might have destroyed when you suffered an accident. However the potential compensation that you may receive from Accident Claims Solicitors could open up new possibilities. The potentially significant cash compensation package could pay for private skiing and snowboarding lessons at an artificial ski slope.

More importantly, the cash accrued from an accident claims case could serve to quicken the recovery period. With enviable medical care, you could be back enjoying the company of those you love the most before the year is through and snow has melted from the ground. Why wallow in your bed and miss the most enjoyable time of the year due to an accident that was not your fault? Act now and regain the festive spirit!