Monday, 21 January 2013

Injuries in Organised Sport

Organised sport brings with it any number of risks. With physical exertion comes the possibility of injury and bodily damage. No matter how experienced the player or the opposition, a tiny fraction of indecision or haste could lead to significant damage and injury. Contact sports such as football, rugby and hockey are most at risk due to their physical nature.

Whilst many people may see injuries as part of the game and the risk as part of the fun, the repercussions of dangerous play could be numerous and devastating. If a player has caused an opposition injury through dangerous play then they may be liable for an Accident Injury Claim. If a player has been injured by an opposition playing in a dangerous or reckless manner then they may be entitled to make a claim with Accident Claims Solicitors.

Professional players rely on their physical fitness for their livelihood. If they are injured so severely that they cannot play for a significant period or even for good; then their earning potential and private life may be ruined. An injury could significantly impact the earning potential of an individual. If this is the case then the affected party may be entitled to make an Accident Injury Claim. When professional footballer Dean Ashton was injured whilst on England International duty his career was effectively ended. The Football Association compensated Ashton to make up for loss of earnings.

It is not only opposition players that can injure a professional or amateur sports player significantly. Poor playing surfaces and equipment can lead to serious injuries. If an person injures themselves on a surface that is not fit to play on then the authority responsible for the surface is liable for the injuries. Any equipment such as boats, pole vaults and protective wear all needs to be of sufficient standard and meet safety requirements. The authority responsible for this equipment may be liable for an Accident Injury Claim should an injury occur as a result of negligence on their part. 

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