Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Implication’s of Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is one of the most common types of industrial disease, obtained in the workplace. It can result in the complete loss of hearing, which of course, is extremely debilitating and difficult to come to terms with. There aren’t many early signs of industrial deafness and symptoms may only occur years after the sufferer has been exposed. Tinnitus is a less harmful version of industrial deafness, but can still cause serious implications. Any compensation a person suffering from the two illnesses can receive should contact a no win no fee solicitor to help them make a claim.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common illnesses associated with tinnitus and industrial deafness. Tinnitus that has been caused by working in a loud environment can very rarely be treated. There are methods of controlling the problem, however there is no cure. Just like industrial deafness there is no way to undo the problem so it is important if you have any symptoms or signs of your hearing deteriorating you must visit your GP.

There are certain ways to help a sufferer deal with tinnitus or the early signs of industrial deafness. One of the main types of rehabilitation is sound therapy for tinnitus. It involves filling any silence with neutral and repetitive sounds to act as a distraction. Sound generators are useful when the sufferer is going to sleep to distract them from the buzzing in the ear. Any compensation from a personal injury claim can help with treatments and if you weren’t at fault you should be entitled to it. 

As industrial deafness cannot be treated there are steps that should be taken to prevent it. Your employer should be responsible for your health and safety at work and they should take precautions to ensure you are working in a safe environment. Using earplugs or ear defenders can work as extra protection for your hearing, making the chances of you suffering from industrial deafness as minimal as possible.

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